John, Andrew Jr., & Ferdinand Duda

John, Andrew, Jr., & Ferdinand Duda, 1985 Inductees

John, Andrew, Jr., & Ferdinand Duda, 1985 Inductees

John, Andrew Jr., &  Ferdinand Duda
The three brothers who founded the renowned A. Duda & Sons produce operation, John (1904), Andrew, Jr. (1906), and Ferdinand (1909), have been recognized for a sound company that has brought credit to Florida’s agricultural community. Starting with a 10-acre family farm established by their father at Slavia in 1912, the sons formed the partnership of A. Duda & Sons in 1926. The brothers expanded the operation to now include vegetables, sugar cane, citrus, sod, ornamental foliage and cattle. John has been responsible for development and maintenance of prototype farming and packinghouse machinery. Although many of his machines and ideas are patented, Florida muck farmers and other farmers throughout the United States have freely copied them. Andrew, as the outside person who served the fledging fruit and vegetable operation as it began to prosper in the 1930s and ’40s, has been a strong supporter of quality standards and professional marketing of Florida’s agricultural products. Ferdinand headed up the farming arm of the company. He has been an industry leader in cooperative work in new plant varieties, farming techniques and improved pay and working conditions for Florida farm workers.

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