Lena Hughes

Lena Smithers Hughes, 1986 Inductee

Lena Smithers Hughes, 1986 Inductee

Lena Smithers Hughes
In the 1930s, Lena Smithers Hughes and her husband, U.S. Department of Agriculture Research Chemist Dr. A. E. Hughes saw a need for improving two outstanding citrus cultivars and planted a block of Nucellar Parson Brown and Nucellar Valencia seedlings. Although Dr. Hughes died in 1944, Lena Smithers Hughes maintained the seedlings. In the 1982-83 citrus season, the Hughes Nucellar Valencia bud line accounted for 60 percent of all Valencias propagated in Florida. In today’s highly scientific agricultural industry, the chances are slim that a citrus grower such as Hughes could create such a new variety of strains of budwood outside of an organized research facility.

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