Edgar Price

Edgar H. Price, 1992 Inductee

Edgar H. Price, 1992 Inductee

Edgar H. Price, is credited with providing strong leadership in public and private organizations that impacted the growth and prosperity of Florida’s agricultural economy. He made significant contributions through service to agriculture research, education, protection, politics and the private sector. He successfully fought for higher appropriations to upgrade Florida’s Agricultural Extension Service and more funds for operation and capital outlay to serve Florida’s varied agricultural interests. He introduced and passed legislation providing for marketing of corn and celery to modernize agricultural labor laws. He sold the first Florida chilled orange juice in glass bottles in Germany in 1965, opening the door to profitable export of this product throughout the European market. He managed a 2,500 acre gladiolus farm before becoming manager of the Florida Gladiolus Growers Association from 1949-55, when he developed modern pack, shipping, marketing methods that resulted in Florida becoming the largest producer of gladiolus cut flowers in the world.

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