William Loften

William Travis Loften, 1993 Inductee

William Travis Loften, 1993 Inductee

William Travis Loften attended the University of Florida where he obtained a bachelor’s of science degree and a master’s degree in agricultural education. That coursework laid the foundation for him to take a leadership role in Florida’s educational system. He exerted leadership for 43 years as a teacher, state supervisor and teacher/educator in agriculture. His trademark was providing college students with encouragement and support to complete their degrees. Loften also is recognized as a key leader in merging agricultural education and extension education into a combined program and relocating it into a college of agriculture. He had a major influence in developing and shaping the instructional curriculum taught in vocational agriculture throughout Florida. Loften was president of the Florida Vocational Association, the secretary-treasurer of the Pinellas County Teacher Association, and vice president of the American Association of Teacher Educators in Agriculture.

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