William Stuart

William H. Stuart Sr., 1995 Inductee

William H. Stuart Sr., 1995 Inductee

William H. Stuart, Sr., was a farmer by profession and an incorrigible optimist by nature. Throughout his life, he dedicated his time and talent in experimenting and encouraging others in citrus production, cattle breeding and the use of soil amendments and fertilizers to enhance native and improved pastures. When he needed dolomite, Stuart prospected and discovered a deposit which began production in 1936. He joined with others to sell high-calcium lime to growers throughout the state, and he got into fertilizer blending to ensure quality and precise analyses. Stuart cooperated with at least six universities in research on native grasses and various other aspects of beef cattle production. Stuart introduced Brahman hybrid vigor in commercial cattle in 1927, when he saw a need for improved cattle quality and disposition. This led to a purebred herd using the first performance testing program in Brahman cattle. The W.H. Stuart Ranch gained an international reputation as a breeder of performance-tested championship Brahman cattle.

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