William Krome

William "Bill" H. Krome, 1997 Inductee

William "Bill" H. Krome, 1997 Inductee

William “Bill” H. Krome was born in Homestead and grew up amidst the family’s avocado and fruit groves. Krome worked for the United Fruit Company in Honduras for 14 months before graduating summa cum laude from the University of Florida with a degree in agriculture. Over the years, the business grew from 10 acres – bought in 1929 for $72 – to 350 acres of avocados and tropical fruits. Krome donated the land for UF’s Tropical Research and Education Center. He was the director of the Redlands Christian Migrant Association for decades. His recognitions and awards include the Centro Campesino Farmworker Center Award for Service to the Migrant Community and the Florida State Horticultural Society A.F. Camp Club Award for Contributions in Horticultural Science.

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