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Stephen Yoder

Stephen Monroe Yoder was born in 1948 in Greenwood, Del., but grew up on a 45-cow dairy farm in Calhoun County. A devout Mennonite, Yoder’s life consisted of devotion to his God, his family and agriculture. In 1978, Yoder and his wife started Bluebird Farm, near the Yoder home-place and turned the venture into a […]

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Robert Whisenant

The late Robert “Bob” Billingsly Whisenant was born in Cuba in 1903 and came to Florida in 1914 and attended the University of Florida where he majored in civil engineering and then took a job as an engineer with the East Coast Railroad. Drawing on his background as an engineer, Whisenant put sub-irrigation in many […]

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Raymon Tucker

Raymon F. Tucker is a fifth-generation, self-described “Florida Cracker” born in Christmas, and a champion quarter horse breeder and cattleman. He graduated from the University of Florida in 1938 with a degree in animal science. He is credited with popularizing quarter horse racing in the Southeast and was instrumental in the passage of legislation permitting […]

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J.R. Spratt

J.R. “Jack” Spratt was a native of North Carolina whose accomplishments spanned all aspects of Florida agriculture, from citrus groves to cattle ranches, forestry projects, mining operations and vegetable production. Spratt graduated from North Carolina State University with a degree in forestry and he became assistant state forester after serving in the Navy during World […]

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William Krome

William “Bill” H. Krome was born in Homestead and grew up amidst the family’s avocado and fruit groves. Krome worked for the United Fruit Company in Honduras for 14 months before graduating summa cum laude from the University of Florida with a degree in agriculture. Over the years, the business grew from 10 acres – […]

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