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Mabel Simmons

Mabel M. Simmons was a leader in the Florida ornamental horticulture industry for nearly 50 years. Born in 1917 in Ohio, Mabel Claprood went to work for a wholesale florist in 1934, and by 1939, she was president of Roman J. Claprood Co., in Columbus, Ohio. She later served as president of company operations in […]

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Elliot Maguire

Elliot L. Maguire’s  family moved from Indiana to Florida in 1924 to work in the turpentine farming business. He received a bachelor’s of science degree in business administration from the University of Florida in 1943 and served in the U.S. Navy in the Pacific Theater during World War II. After the war, he returned to […]

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Maxey Love, Jr.

Maxey D. Love, Jr., served on the University of Florida’s Student Council and was president of the Agricultural Economics Club. After graduation in 1959, he went on to work for the Florida Council of Farmer Cooperatives. Love held such positions as chief executive officer for the Federal Loan Bank, Federal Intermediate Credit Bank and the […]

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Edna Lockett

Edna Pearce Lockett A distinguished cattle rancher, an effective legislator and a pioneer for women, the late Edna Pearce Lockett was as comfortable on a ranch chatting with a Cracker cowboy as she was working the halls of the Legislature. Born in Fort Basinger, Fla., to a Central Florida pioneer family, she grew up on […]

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Miles Groover

Miles Edward Groover A tireless educator, successful farmer, country storeowner and agricultural extension agent, the late Miles Edward Groover transcended racial barriers at a time when Florida was still segregated. Born on a Jefferson County plantation on March 16, 1887, Groover grew on his grandparents’ rented 60-acre farm and raised hogs, cows and chickens, along […]

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