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Robert N. Morris

A Florida newspaper once called Robert Nelson Morris “The Banker with Muddy Boots” because of his hands-on involvement with the agricultural community. Devoting much of his own time in the service of Florida agriculture, Morris has been active for almost half a century, working at the local and state level to help farmers, growers and […]

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Fred Y. Montsdeoca

Fred Y. Montsdeoca spent the last four decades in service to Florida agriculture through his businesses: Dixie Lime Products, Inc., and Montsdeoca Ranch, Inc. Montsdeoca was born into an agricultural lifestyle shaped by his father, who was a Florida Agricultural Extension Agent in Glades and Okeechobee counties from 1930-1971, working with the Seminole Indian tribe […]

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Donald Fariss May

During his long and distinguished career as a tobacco farmer and horticulturist, Donald Farris May made numerous and significant contributions to Florida’s agricultural industry. Whether he was working to develop irrigation systems, fertilizers, mechanization, or plant propagation, May was an innovative leader in the area of tobacco production, and “from the seed bed to the […]

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Vick and Faye Blackstone

Vick and Faye Blackstone came to Florida as traveling rodeo performers and made the state their home, dedicating themselves to agricultural pursuits and to passing on their knowledge of horses and cattle to future generations. Among Vick’s many remarkable achievements was being named several times Florida Rodeo Cowboy of the Year by virtue of earning […]

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Richard Barber

A farmer for four decades, Thomas “Richard” Barber Jr.’s career has been one of service to Florida agriculture and to the nation’s peanut industry. Barber has been president of the Marion County Farm Bureau twice and was part of the initial group that formed the Florida Peanut Producers Association, an organization in which he also […]

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