B. Edmund David

B. Edmund David Jr., 1986 Inductee

B. Edmund David Jr., 1986 Inductee

B. Edmund David Jr. began as a breeder of Angus cattle in Dutchess County, New York, before relocating to Florida in his late 50s, an age at which many men would have been considering retirement. Once in Florida, he continued Angus cattle breeding, and became president of the Florida Angus Association. He wasn’t in Florida long before he became involved in the formation of the Florida International Agricultural Trade Council, of which he served as president for 16 years. During his presidency of the trade council, he traveled to more than 12 Latin American countries promoting the council’s trade show and Florida agricultural products. His efforts to improve agricultural, cultural and economic relations between Florida and those Latin American countries has helped increase the export market for Florida’s livestock and other products.

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