Hoyle Pounds, farm implement pioneer, ushered in the age of mechanization on the Florida farm in the 1920’s by becoming the first person to put rubber tires on a tractor. Tweet
Henry Oscar Partin, Osceola County cattleman, introduced the Brahman breed to the state and was the founding father of the Florida Cattlemen’s Association. Tweet
Thomas Gilbert Lee, revered Orlando dairyman, has worked diligently and unselfishly to enhance the overall quality of the state’s dairy industry. Tweet
Nathan Mayo, Florida Commissioner of Agriculture from November 1, 1923, to April 14, 1960, was responsible for much of the state’s growth from 1923 until his death in office. Mayo served Florida with great ability, efficiency and devotion. Tweet
Egbert Norman Reasoner, world-famed horticulturist, brought more than a thousand varieties of plants, trees, shrubs, vines and citrus from around the world to this state and will long be remembered for his introduction of the pink grapefruit. Tweet
Edwin Hall “Ed” Finlayson, Greenville farmer and county agent, discovered, named and introduced Pensacola Bahia grass that now covers over five million acres of southern pasture land. Tweet


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