Robert Harms

Dr. Robert Henry Harms, 1990 Inductee

Dr. Robert Henry Harms, 1990 Inductee

Dr. Robert Henry Harms served on the faculty of the Poultry Science Department at the University of Florida for many years. He resigned as chairman of the department in 1986 to devote full time to research.  Harms was one of the first poultry nutrition researchers to recognize that feeding poultry in hot climates required a different approach, and developed nutritional formulas. His daily intake formulas have been adopted worldwide. His research has been credited with saving the Florida poultry industry some $6 million per year in feeding layer hens alone, decreasing costs, improving profitability and benefiting consumers with a fresh quality supply of poultry and eggs at a lower cost. The Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences has recognized Dr. Harms as one of its five outstanding researchers of the past 100 years.

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