Edward Campbell

Edward J. Campbell, 1992 Inductee

Edward J. Campbell, 1992 Inductee

Edward J. Campbell devoted much of his work toward the humanitarian side of the industry. He spearheaded many land preservation projects and initiated a major quality study for South Dade County that involved six agencies. Through his efforts, dumpsites were cleared where two natural ponds had existed and a sludge recycling program was developed for Dade County. He founded the Redlands Citizen Association in 1964 to protect agricultural lands from urban sprawl and later founded the Soil and Water Conservation District. His lifelong commitment to environmental issues led to his appointment as vice-chairman of the governor’s Everglades Resource and Management Advisory Board, which develops policies for the “Save the Everglades” project. He was the first farmer to be honored by the Coalition of Farm Worker Organizations and has received numerous community service awards.

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