N. Curtis Peterson

N. Curtis Peterson, 1992 Inductee

N. Curtis Peterson, 1992 Inductee

N. Curtis Peterson, a native of Lakeland, has served the agricultural industry for more than 30 years in both the public and private sectors. He is a nurseryman and registered landscape architect. In 1961, he was appointed to the Florida Agricultural Advisory Council and the plant Industry Technical Council. As a freshman senator, he was vice-chairman of the Agriculture Committee and chairman from 1974-76 and 1986-88. He sponsored many successful agricultural proposals in the legislature, including protection of endangered and threatened species of wild plants and trees; agricultural produce license tax exemptions; repeal of tax on eggs and dressed poultry; mechanical harvesting of citrus; appropriations for black fly eradication and research funds for lethal yellowing of coconut palms; funds for the sterilization of the Caribbean fruit fly; and funds for a new dairy laboratory in Winter Haven. During his three decades of public service, he received many accolades from Florida’s agriculture industry.

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