Clarence Cambell

Dr. Clarence L Campbell, 1995 Inductee

Dr. Clarence L Campbell, 1995 Inductee

Dr. Clarence L. Campbell, Jr. retired in 1991 from the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, where he served 38 years as state veterinarian. That is the longest that anyone in any state has served in that capacity. He was a field veterinarian with the Florida Livestock Sanitary Board for three years before being appointed as assistant state veterinarian in 1948 and state veterinarian in 1953. Campbell served as president of the United States Animal Health Association and he worked with numerous other state and national committees dealing with animal health issues. Through his leadership as state veterinarian, the cattle fever tick was eradicated from Florida in 1961 and the screwworm was eradicated a year later. Campbell also worked diligently to eliminate brucellosis from cattle herds in Florida.

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