Latimer Maxcy

Latimer "Latt" Maxcy, 1995 Inductee

Latimer "Latt" Maxcy, 1995 Inductee

Latimer “Latt” Maxcy had a profound impact on Florida agriculture in all phases of citrus development and beef cattle production. Starting as a water boy in the phosphate mines of central Florida at the turn of the century, Maxcy went on to develop extensive citrus grove and processing holdings, along with cattle and fertilizer operations. Maxcy was one of the first growers to develop citrus groves in the Frostproof area. He later built the first packinghouse in the area and a single-strength juice cannery to handle fruit that was not suitable for fresh shipment. Maxcy began raising cattle in 1930 and he acquired extensive land holdings upon which he experimented to improve beef production, particularly through selective breeding for greater disease resistance and better meat quality. He introduced new breeds and strains of cattle to Florida while also testing range management techniques. He was one of the organizers of Florida Citrus Mutual and served as its first president. Maxcy was inducted into the Citrus Hall of Fame in 1971.

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