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Roy Gene Davis

Roy Gene Davis is a dedicated servant of Florida agriculture. The owner and operator of two successful wholesale nurseries in the Tampa area, he is also an undaunted community activist and a generous volunteer. He has worked hard to promote Florida’s agricultural products and the industry, and he has mentored many young people interested in […]

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Lillie “Belle” Jeffords

Lillie “Belle” Jeffords was one of Florida agriculture’s most beloved and effective ambassadors. She was totally committed to the advancement of Florida’s cattle industry and had the energy, enthusiasm, and natural leadership skills to make good things happen for Florida’s farmers and ranchers. Dynamic, tenacious, and downright feisty, Jeffords fought fiercely to protect and preserve […]

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James Neville McArthur

James Neville McArthur came to Florida as a young man with nothing but an education and a sterling reputation. Twenty-five years later, he had revolutionized the dairy industry in the Sunshine State, and his reputation remained untarnished. He was known and is remembered as an astute businessman, a forward-thinking innovator, and a philanthropist of uncommon […]

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Dudley Adelbert Putnam

Dudley Adelbert Putnam gave his leadership and support to Florida’s agriculture throughout his life. As a pioneering citrus grower and cattle rancher in Central Florida, he was active in a variety of efforts having long-term positive effects on the industry. Putnam personified the traits that have made Florida’s farmers and ranchers among the best in […]

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Charles Smith

Charles Raymond “Chuck” Smith has dedicated his very productive and energetic life to improving, promoting, and protecting Florida agriculture. The industry could not have asked for a more passionate advocate. Smith has served agriculture in a variety of capacities, as a county extension agent, a farm manager, and a legislator. In each position he has […]

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