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Ed & Imogene Yarborough

Ed and Imogene Yarborough started ranching in Seminole County in 1954 on 8,000 acres—land that had been in Ed’s family for generations. They called the place Yarborough Ranch and spent 46 years raising cattle and children there, until Ed’s death in 2000. Over the years Ed and Imogene became well-known leaders in the agricultural community. […]

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Buster Longino

Buster Longino lives by a strong code of ethics. He believes in doing the right thing by other people, by other living creatures, and by the land itself. Longino is a cattleman, a citrus grower, a forester, and a conservationist. Throughout his long career, he has demonstrated that agriculture and natural resource conservation are not […]

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Wayne Hawkins

Wayne Hawkins dedicated his long career to helping Florida fruit and vegetable growers unite to survive and thrive in an increasingly competitive environment. Farmers are generally an independent bunch, but when times are tough they look for leadership—and Hawkins provided that. He understood that what is impossible for a single grower can be accomplished by […]

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Albert Greenberg

Albert Greenberg was the founder of Florida’s $60 million aquaculture industry, the first person to successfully open and operate a tropical fish farm and aquatic plant nursery in the state. He was the first in Florida to raise tropical fish in dirt ponds and aquatic plants in concrete vats. Thanks to these innovations, an industry […]

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Bill Boardman

Bill Boardman was a hands-on dairy farmer and a visionary leader who became synonymous with Florida’s dairy industry through his many years of service. He tirelessly promoted the industry’s products and fought its legislative battles. As his friends and admirers noted, his efforts set a high-water mark for other leaders to follow. Boardman was born […]

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