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Rudy Hamrick

Rudy Hamrick was a major force in North Florida agriculture for nearly three decades.  As director of the Madison County Extension office from 1951 to 1977, his impact on the county’s economy was dramatic.  When Hamrick first came to Madison, the tobacco industry was declining all across Northwest Florida.  Farm incomes were shrinking, along with […]

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Charles Smith

Charles Raymond “Chuck” Smith has dedicated his very productive and energetic life to improving, promoting, and protecting Florida agriculture. The industry could not have asked for a more passionate advocate. Smith has served agriculture in a variety of capacities, as a county extension agent, a farm manager, and a legislator. In each position he has […]

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Miles Groover

Miles Edward Groover A tireless educator, successful farmer, country storeowner and agricultural extension agent, the late Miles Edward Groover transcended racial barriers at a time when Florida was still segregated. Born on a Jefferson County plantation on March 16, 1887, Groover grew on his grandparents’ rented 60-acre farm and raised hogs, cows and chickens, along […]

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Henry Gatrell

The late Henry Gatrell was the son of the town doctor in Fairfield and might have pursued a career in medicine. Instead, he went into agriculture and became the largest swine exporter in the United States.  He was the owner and operator of a 200-acre general farm in Fairfield, where he raised purebred Duroc swine. […]

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